About Us

Maybe due to the advent of Instagram, Facebook and other social media tools, different cuisines the world over are trending. A lot of people are becoming curious of specialties from different parts of the world. Most of them want to try it out and recreate it amongst themselves.

This is why this website has been created. As a French national and a chef, I felt that it is my duty to do my part in making French cuisine more well-known. And I know that I can do that by sharing easy-to-follow recipes that can be recreated by anyone who wants to try.

We created this site so we can share to all of you many great French dishes. Try out our recipes for yourselves. Become a great French cook and wow your friends and family. With this Journal of a French Foodie, it will now be easier for you to prepare the perfect French menu that will show your expertise in the kitchen. Our recipes here are not just easy-to-follow, they are also very delicious.

Plus, if you will have any problems in recreating any of our dishes featured in this website, you can always post a question in our forum. In this way, our active community can help you out as well. We are very proud that this website has an active following of French nationals and chefs who will also help you in your kitchen adventures. This is because we are very proud of our heritage and wish to share it with the rest of the world.

We hope we’ve completed our mission and gave you more ideas about French cuisine. And if you still haven’t visited our whole website, go on and check it out now! You will surely enjoy the time you spend here.

Bon Apetit!