Welcome to Journal of a French foodie

Welcome to Journal of a French foodie, the perfect website for those who love food!

Of course, many people are in love with different cuisines, be it Italian, Asian, American, French and so much more! It is common for people to try out many different kinds of delicacies and specialties.

For a lot of us who do not have enough resources to travel the world or go to expensive specialty restaurants, the best way to nurture our love for different cuisines is to know how to cook them. In doing so, we can let our family and friends try out our cooking and experience for themselves the best of foreign food.

This is the reason why this Journal of a French Foodie has been created. Here, we offer recipes of different types of French food and wish to share it with all of you. So even if you are in your traditional garage door in Wichita, you can definitely plan meals for your friends and family using the recipes we have here.

Fun fact: you will definitely love to recreate the recipes that we have featured here. This is because French food has that to-die-for goodness. They never scrimp on butter, they are rich and decadent. They are also made from only the highest quality and the very best ingredients. Plus, you will find that we have written our recipes quite simply and easy for you to follow. Just remember that you only have to access our recipes tab to enjoy the yumminess of French cuisine . Some of our entries even have videos so that you will find the various steps easy to follow.

But of course, we would also love to hear any of your suggestions, concerns and questions that is why you all can comment on our videos and blogs where we share how to cook French food. Tell us if you want to share anything to other people and if you have any questions and concerns. We will always be happy to respond to all of your questions. We will also be happy to help you find substitute ingredients in case you are having trouble looking for the actual ingredients. Your messages are also open to other people in our community so they can also help you with whatever concerns you may have. We have a very active and helpful community here at Journal of a French Foodie.

Don’t forget that we also recommend many great French restaurants that you can visit any time you want. We have our section for those places here in our website. But of course, if you want to learn and create any French cuisine you want, feel free to use our website as a guide. If you are interested in learning and sharing, we are very sure that our website is the one you are looking for! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit our recipes page and create that French food you have been craving for.