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Subject: Au Jus recipe

Megan: The Au Jus recipe was posted yesterday and I didn’t waste any time in trying it out. It tasted great and it definitely goes well with the prime rib. Did anyone other than me tried cooking it? What do you think of the simple sauce?

Eunice: Hi Megan! Well, I tried that recipe too since I wanted to make a different type of sauce for my prime rib. I only tried doing the sauce though, so I don’t really have any idea how it tastes with prime rib. I just used beef leftovers and beef stock. But I will try it out again with the rib next time. Can you tell me if it really went well with the prime rib?

Megan: Hello Eunice! Yes, I did try it with prime rib and the pairing is perfect. I hope you can recreate it and try them together so you can taste it for yourself. I assure you it really is great and will surely be perfect for your holiday recipes.

Eunice: Thank you! I will definitely do that next time. But can you recommend a dessert for me? I really want to bake something for the Christmas holidays as well. There’s too many here is this site so I can’t really choose one. Do you mind helping me out?

Megan: Of course! Well I do recommend macarons and choux pasty! This website has recipes for those two desserts. Just look for it on the recipes tab. Your family will definitely love it.

Eunice: Thank you! Macarons and choux pastry sound yummy. I will try and practice creating these two desserts.

Megan: You’re welcome!